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Our Newest Alumni ... The Class of 2022!

Our Newest Alumni - The Class of 2023
Welcome Back Travelers!

No matter how far you travel, we will always be your home. 

Since our very first graduating class in 1961, our St. Christopher School Alumni continue to celebrate years of friendship and memories. We hope you look back on your days at St. Christopher with fond memories and are excited to hear many of the special traditions you experienced are still part of our curriculum. Our alumni are part of our family and we welcome you home anytime.  We are very proud of our graduates and the success they achieve after graduation.  

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Class of 1961


Class of 2015

Events & Milestones

Join us in congratulating the following classes on their milestone reunion years!

Alumni Milestone Years - Please update your contact info Here!

Class of 2020 - 4 Years!  Goodbye High School - Hello College ...

Class of 2014 - 10 Years!

Class of 2004 - 20 Years!

Class of 1994 - 30 Years!

Class of 1984 - 40 Years!

Class of 1974 - 50 Years!

Class of 1964 - 60 Years!

If you'd like to help us coordinate a reunion, please let us know!


Since 1955, St. Christopher Catholic School has educated students based on our core values of faith, knowledge and community.  Tuition costs have risen greatly over the decades and today, we are committed to affording the opportunity of a Catholic education to all families - regardless of economic status.  Your investment in St. Christopher School helps nurture and educate current students as well as future generations of Travelers!  If you are an alum, chances are, you benefitted from the generosity of previous alumni when you were a student.  Giving to the next generation is a long-standing tradition and makes it possible for future Travelers to experience many of the same opportunities you did.


We are grateful for your support of our school community!

Class of 2018


Class of 2014

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Keep in Touch

The goal of our alumni program is to hear your story, connect you with classmates, encourage you to stop by and see the all the changes we have made and inspire you to stay connected to the St. Christopher community.  We are so excited to see where life has taken you ....

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